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AirmontScoop is Now A Part of Rockland County Times Group!

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Rockland County Times Group Acquires AirmontScoop

The owners and managing editor of Rockland County Times, have acquired and its digital properties to grow digitally and engage more readers through innovative tools.

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Mort Becker and Walter Sanchez


AirmontScoop, now a part of the Rockland County Times Group!

The Rockland County Times Group, owned by John and Walter Sanchez and managed by Joseph Kuhn, has acquired and the related digital properties owned by Mort Becker, a native of Airmont.

“Mort has put some pretty cool engagement tools into his platforms, which has enabled the Airmont Scoop to attract social media and email engagements, which are quite eye-opening”

Walter Sanchez


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Becker Said

Becker said he was excited to have his platforms go to an organization like the historic Rockland County Times.

“After meeting with the new management of the Rockland County Times, I was convinced that Joe, John, and Walter will bring the paper into the next generation of news consumers in an innovative way.

The news is the news,” said Becker, “But how people will consume it is being re-imagined all the time. As a news company, you need to be nimble and open-minded, and from what I see, they are.”

Mort Becker
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John Sanchez is directing the digital and web growth for the Rockland County Times. “Since acquiring the newspaper in October, 2020, we have seen a great response to our digital polls and enhanced social media presence,” said Sanchez.

“The new generation of newsreaders and consumers yearn for original content and truth. We have noticed that our trials of attracting readers to our digital platforms in Rockland have worked. This latest acquisition will allow us to expand our digital footprint in Rockland and get some immediate traction for our digital news efforts,” he concluded.

Following the merger, the Rockland County Times has embraced a new Online Slogan

"The Real Scoop"

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Airmont ➡ Rockland Times

At press time, Joe Kuhn said the integration of into the website would happen sometime soon. "Meanwhile, we are planning to add a daily emailed newsletter with breaking news and compelling daily content to our editorial repertoire. We are changing the culture in the newsroom to be more daily than ever," said Kuhn.